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29th-Dec-2011 09:01 pm - All the cool kids are doing it!
Finn Nelson

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I am adding but comment to add please
27th-Mar-2011 10:41 pm - eh-be-my-baby
Finn Nelson

29th-Sep-2010 05:16 pm(no subject)
Finn Nelson

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29th-Apr-2010 10:40 am - Jesse/Rachel mini- Picspam 1x15
Finn Nelson
my min-spam be making all the panties dropCollapse )
Finn Nelson
Medium: TV show
Fandom: Sonny With A Chance
Subject: Chad/Sonny
Title: Stupid things
9th-Feb-2010 06:47 pm - Yay look i won something!
Finn Nelson

Finn Nelson
5 short a shit drabbles on jacob & leah, the characterization is pretty off but i haven't written them in a while, feedback is encouraged :P

1.)He thinks hes always loved her in the dark crevices of his mind. Her wit, her anger, the way she bit her lip right before she said something particularly vicious. It all fucking fascinated, him. She was everything he'd ever needed but never wanted and the beautiful irony of the situation was that he could never have her. Not really. She had been taken over by her own personal monsters, the ghost of lovers past would haunt her forever. She could only offer half of herself. Tarnished. But not destroyed.

2.) The moon hung above them, like a midnight sun. Underneath the stars she fell asleep with her hand on his heart, not letting it skip a beat.

3.)He relives his childhood. Remembers screaming at her with a tiny red face filled with fained anger. Pinches, hair pulling and name calling had all been part of his repertoire as a snotty little boy. Not much had changed really. But he longs to go back to a time before werewolves and lost loves, when he could have taken this girl into her arms and loved her.

4.)Lie to me

"You'll be better off with me gone Leah."

You wont convince me.

"This ... Its just too hard"

His words come out cold. Clinical. She strains to find any semblance of remorse.


A rush of regret sweeps over her, clutching at her heart.

I shouldn't have fucking kissed him. I've ruined everything.

She sighs.

"Say what you mean Jacob" her voice dripping with venom, "You'll be happier without me."

She swirls around, a blur of hair and anger.

"Have a nice life." The door slams behind her.

5.) One quick fumble in the dark and suddenly the world was fucking ending. She couldn't take the guy seriously anymore. Who the hell worries about cheating on their toddler girlfriend/future love of their life or whatever that whole mess was. Honest to god, the situation was way too Jerry Springer for her. Yet he kept phoning her, trying to "talk" about it. She was not a feelings talk kind of girl. She was very happy to pretend it never happen thank you very much. But his damn puppy dog eyes and the heart on his sleeve made her feel too guilty. One whiskey on the rocks and a lost expression from him later and they were fucking like rabbits in the back of her dad's old truck. It was quite the little pattern they had going for them.
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